Something to think about …..

11th December 2021


No walks lately, mostly because of the poor light and unpleasant weather and, sometimes, simply because there have been other things to do. Hopefully there will be a least a couple of decent days in the run up to Christmas when when we can get out and about again.


In the meantime, below are the links to two short videos –

This first one is titled ‘A Pivotal Moment’, it runs for 17 minutes and highlights all the issues we have featured over the past few months –

Each and every one of us should take some time to stop, question everything that has taken place since March 2020, think things through, clearly and rationally, and decide on a course of action.


United we stand, divided we fall.


Our future is in our hands.



On a lighter and bawdier note, the second video runs for 6 minutes, features a tune everyone is likely to know already, and if you don’t you’ll soon pick it up. The lyrics are an irreverent and a two fingered ‘up yours’ to all those who lurk in the dark shadows with evil intent. The title says it all –

‘You can stick your New World Order up your a**e’

Stay positive, enjoy life with your family and friends and please share the videos widely.



Finally, for the purpose of refreshing memories and providing food for thought, this article provides an excellent summary, with links to supporting evidence, of everything which has taken place so far –