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Wainwright Walking is a photo diary of our walks in The Lake District National Park in Cumbria, the aim of which is to share our fell walking experiences with family, friends and anyone else who happens to drop by. We walk mostly, but not exclusively, the fells which Alfred Wainwright, often referred to as AW, featured in his guidebooks. If you are unfamiliar with his name a quick search on the web will tell you all you need to know. The fells are great places to explore, so why not sit down with your favourite cuppa, and immerse yourselves in another world for a while. There’s no social media to distract you or us, so forget all that stuff for the time being and just take a walk with us. Each walk description includes a map indicating the route taken, the approximate mileage, and a starting point marked by a green star. If the route is described as 'out and back' there will be only one line of arrows, indicating that the return route was the same as the outward one. We have not included the duration of, or any difficulty rating for, the walks since our assessments of those aspects are purely subjective and what is applicable to us may be not be true for someone else which makes it difficult to give a one size fits all rating. We hope you enjoy the walks and that you might even be tempted to try a few for yourself.

NB - No walks were recorded between October 2013 and April 2014 as we were fully occupied - the builders were in!

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