Walks Diary – Pre 2014

Below is a selection of our walks from previous years, quite a few of which happened so long ago it required a fair amount of head scratching and memory trawling to be able to put them together in chronological order and then remember details of the walk itself.

The photos were taken using various cameras, on film to begin with, then moving onto one which used floppy disks, and eventually a variety of digital cameras, of dubious and unreliable quality, using SD cards. The earlier ones date from a time when the internet was little more than an infant, and thoughts of creating a web site using my photographs simply did not exist in my head. Consequently if photos were taken at all it would be at random and often sparingly, since the number of shots you could take was limited by the storage capacity of the film, floppy or card being used in the camera.

Not every walk we’ve ever done is included, to begin with we usually didn’t take a camera, when we did take a camera many of the walks only had a very few photos so there wasn’t much to display, and in most the picture quality wasn’t good enough, thanks to the cheapo cameras, the weather, the light or a combination of all three.

You could call these ones ‘the best of the rest,’ but even so the quality varies, as does the colour from time to time, so just blame the photographer, old technology and the weather.

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