Around Mardale Head

Walk Date – 26th October 2015

Distance – not recorded

Weather – dry, sunny and very windy


Although the day was fine, dry and sunny there was a very strong wind blowing so it wasn’t a day for an outing on the high fells. What with one thing and another we were not able to go anywhere during the morning anyway, so after an early lunch at home we decided to drive over to Mardale Head. It wasn’t really a walk as such, more of a recce to look at paths for a future walk in this area, so I haven’t included a route map. I did take a few photos though so here they are:

From the roadside a view across Haweswater over to Kidsty Pike.

A close up of Kidsty Pike.

The little island of Wood Howe, more of it showing than usual due to the low water level.

The Rigg.

Wood Howe standing out clearly in the bright sunshine.

Swine Crag across the head of Mardale.

The low water level reveals the old walls of Mardale.

Looking northwards along Haweswater.

Smallwater Beck below Piot Crag.

Falls in Smallwater Beck.

Looking back down Mardale from the beck.

A glimpse of Haweswater down in the valley, and un-named tarn over on the right.

Zooming in on Haweswater far below us. This was as high as we went, any further and we would have been up on the ridge and face on into the strong wind.

Small Water again.

Looking across to Caspel Gate with the rocky top of Kidsty Pike just behind it.

Rough Crag with Kidsty Pike just peeping out behind it on the left.

A close up of Kidsty Pike.