Gowbarrow Fell

Walk Date – 24th September 2015

Distance – 4.6 miles

Weather – sunny spells, showery, windy



The lay-by on Park Brow has been blocked off can no longer be used for free parking, thanks very much National Trust. The gate marks the start of the path to Aira force. I’m on my own for this walk.

Place Fell from the path across the field.

At the end of the field path a new gate and bridge give access to the Aira Force pathways.

Its a left turn then for me then as I’m going up to Gowbarrow.

The newish bridge over the beck, installed in 2014 I think.

Looking downstream from the bridge area.

Looking upstream from the bridge.

The left turn from the bridge brings me out at this gate and onto the open fell side.

Looking over in the direction of Dockray on a nice sunny morning, but will it last?

A look back along the path to Place Fell. The clouds are gathering.

One more gate and then I’m out onto the fellside for the climb up Gowbarrow.

Clouds moving rapidly over the Ullswater fells, the wind was quite brisk as I climbed higher.

Looking in the direction of Dockray and the fells beyond from the path alongside the wall.

In what seems like no time at all the summit of Gowbarrow comes into view.

From the same spot I turn round for a look back along the path, nice and sunny at the moment, but the wind was a bit of a nuisance, although it did keep the clouds moving

Here’s a close up of Great Dodd on the left and Clough Head over on the right.

Not far now to the top of Gowbarrow.

A bit misty on Blencathra, but the peak of Lonscale Fell to the left of it is clear enough.

On Gowbarrow summit looking over at the north eastern end of Ullswater.

Little Mell Fell from Gowbarrow summit.

Great Mell Fell from Gowbarrow summit.

Looking westwards from the summit shows the path I came along and a view of the Dodds on the skyline.

Looking north over towards Blencathra and the northern fells from Gowbarrow top.

Looking westwards over at The Dodds.

The Mell Fells, Great on the left and Little on the right.

Below me, in the centre of the photo, is the path I’ll be taking off Gowbarrow.

Down below the summit where it was such a relief to not have the wind buffeting me all the time.

The path leading off the summit.

A look back at the summit as I continue on the path. Not a soul around today.

An old shooting lodge once stood here, this was the only part of the ruins that were visible above the nettles and the bracken.

Looking across Ullswater, the sunlit fell in the centre is Beda Fell.

Its becoming very gloomy overhead, is that the last of the sunshine?

I’m walking back on the terrace path, through the bracken on the left you can see the route I’ve just walked down.

Place Fell is greyed out, Yew Crag viewpoint cairn is below it, on this side of Ullswater.

Yew Crag viewpoint.

Looking towards Glenridding from the viewpoint …..

….. and now looking northeastwards.

There’s a definite look of a rain shower along there.

I zoomed in on the launch far below me. Everyone is huddled into coats but no doubt enjoying the ferry trip along Ullswater. It looks a bit draughty down there though, the wind is whipping up the water quite a bit.

The memorial seat and the Yew Crag viewpoint, with the ferry passing below it on its way to Pooley Bridge.

On maximum zoom here for a shot of the summit of Place Fell.

Oh dear, here it comes. I didn’t think I was going to get away with it. Time to put the camera away and get the waterproofs on.

Lyulph’s Tower, and here’s where I stopped to take the waterproofs off. The time elapsed between this photo and the previous one tells me that the shower lasted ten minutes.

Its still raining over there though, I’m glad I’m not on the Helvellyn range right now.

This is a popular tourist spot and is usually quite busy. What a surprise when I rounded the corner and here was no-one around. When you cross over the bridge this is what you see …..

…..Aira Force. I wish I had a pound for every photo that’s been taken of this.

Making my way back up the path beside the upper falls. These are just below the new bridge I photographed at the beginning of the walk.

The end of the walk and the weather improves enough to illuminate Place Fell and High Dodd over to the left of it.

This morning’s route followed the wall which you can see rising up the fellside above the plantation of pine trees. As so often happens the sun comes back out just as you finish your walk.

The old, and free, parking area opposite the now blocked off lay-by is also under the auspices of The National Trust …..

….. which usually means you have to pay to park. However, where the ticket machine should have been was this board which was thanking me for paying and displaying. I thought it was very courteous of them seeing as I hadn’t. I would have if they had remembered to put the machine in.