Raven Crag

Walk Date – 4th April 2015

Distance – 3.9 miles

Weather – warm with high cloud and no wind


We had to be in Keswick during the morning so this was an ‘off the cuff’ walk which we decided on just as we started the drive home. It was such a nice day that it seemed a shame not to put the afternoon to good use and Raven Crag just seemed to fit the bill.



Here I’m looking over to Calfhow Pike on the left, Great Dodd in the centre and Watson’s Dodd on the right, from the lay-by on the west side ot Thirlmere.

Calfhow Pike again, this time to the right, and to the left of it is Clough Head.

A view through the trees of Helvellyn and a bit of Thirlmere again from the lay-by.

Three Dodds on the skyline – Great Dodd, Watson’s Dodd and Stybarrow Dodd.

Right, boots are on and off we go, looking ahead along the path through the forest.

Raven Crag as we cross the forest road.  We forgot the ropes and carabiners so we had to turn right and walk up the path instead.

The Helvellyn group, over on the right, as we climb above the forest.

On we go towards the summit of Raven Crag.

We’re almost at the summit now but first there is a boggy mess to negotiate.

The approach to the summit of Raven Crag is a bit easier to deal with thanks to the boardwalk sections.

Dr Livingstone, I presume?

The view across towards the Helvellyn group, on the right, from Raven Crag.

Not a breath of wind and quite warm up on the summit.

A good view of the Dodds across the valley. From left to right there is Clough Head, Calfhow Pike, Great Dodd, Watson’s Dodd and Stybarrow Dodd.

Helvellyn and Thirlmere from AW’s famous viewpoint.

Its a heck of a long way down.

Looking northwards to Blencathra.

Admiring the view.

I’m only smiling for the camera, I’m terrified really.

As for me, I’m rooted to the spot.

A longer view of Thirlmere and Hellvellyn.

Skiddaw is the backdrop as we make our way back down to the forest track.

A better view of Skiddaw from lower down the forest track.

Another view of Skiddaw but this time with Lonscale Fell over to the right of it.

Lots of tree felling has been going on around here, and that freshly cut wood aroma everywhere.

Watson’s Dodd from the valley bottom, and a hang glider over to the right of it.

You can just make out a hang-glider soaring over to the left of centre. There were four of these making the most of the calm conditions over the Dodds today. It looked very enjoyable just drifting along up there, but I don’t think I’d have the nerve to give it go though.