Sale Fell and Ling Fell

Walk Date – 18th March 2015

Distance – 6.7 miles

Weather – warm sunshine, no wind, lots of haze



The lane into Wythop had well over a dozen cars parked up by the time we arrived so this was a popular area today, but the occupants seemed to have dispersed over a wide area as we saw no-one until we were almost at the summit of Sale Fell. Very hazy conditions today as we walk up from the lane, but a little of Bass Lake can just be seen in the centre of the picture. Binsey is almost invisible behind.

No, I haven’t lost my sense of balance, and the horizontal marker on the camera indicated that the picture was quite level, this is just how the path leading up to Sale Fell looks when you are walking up it.

A bit further up and I take a look back down the path, Bass Lake is still visible but there’s a lot of haze beyond it.

The little village of Embleton over on our right as we continue up the path.

With the first section of the climb under our belts (or should that be feet?) we reach a flatter area from where we will need to turn up to the left and start climbing again. Straight ahead is Ling Fell and we’ll be going up there a bit later on.

We turn left up the ridge and the summit of Sale Fell comes into view. Its surprising that so few people are about on such a nice day.

Sale Fell summit. We know exactly where we are but it still gets checked.

Looking westwards but the clarity is no better over the vale of Embleton.

Moving off Sale Fell and making our way towards Rivings, marked by the cairn on the extreme right of the picture.

The paths on the hill in the centre are closed at present due to tree felling. It looks like they have just about all been felled, so that’s the end of any more pleasant walks through the forest then.

A wider shot, this time showing the grassy area of Lothwaite on the right of the shot.

The large cairn on Rivings, and a look back at Sale Fell.

From Rivings another view of Ling Fell, still no clarity though.

Four people and two dogs making their way over to Lothwaite …..

….. and one farmer on a quad bike racing down from Lothwaite, he seemed to be checking the sheep rather than bringing them food. There are times when we’re out walking when the use of a quad bike would come in very handy.

The dark mass in the centre is Ullock Pike, with Dodd to the right. Behind  Ullock Pike you can just about make out the snowy top of Skiddaw.

The bump on the skyline to the right is Lord’s Seat, the haze and the sun were keeping the views restricted.

Down from Rivings and we join the path which will take us back to Brunston Bridge.

The old Wythop Church.

Just in case passers-by are completely confused, this explains what they are looking at.

Ling Fell across the lovely Wythop Valley. It was very warm and still along here today which made for a very pleasant walk.

Ling Fell again from a little further along the path.

Wythop Beck burbling its way along  …..

….. and again, this time with Ling Fell on the horizon.

The path leads us down to Brunston Bridge and we make our way over it to pick up the path for Ling Fell.

We’re now on the path to Ling Fell and so I take a look back at Sale Fell.

The old corpse road, over to the left, along Ling Fell, it will be our route today. But first we sit on the grass beside the fence and have a short break because its a nice day and we’re not in any hurry.

After our stop we begin making our way along the old corpse road which, in days long gone, was used to transport the deceased to Cockermouth for burial.

Looking back from the corpse road over to Sale Fell.

Grouse butts on the slopes of Ling Fell.

Ling Fell summit, deemed by the Ordnance Survey to be high enough to warrant a trig point.

Its far too warm for the jacket and I’m also wishing I hadn’t opted for those fleece lined winter trousers.

Greystones is over on the right of the skyline with Widow Hause (that’s the bit with the trees) stretching along to the left. All the fells behind are hidden in the haze.

Lord’s Seat is on the right with Barf to the left.

Sale Fell in the afternoon sunshine as we descend Ling Fell.

Another look across to Lord’s Seat and Barf. One of these days we’ll use the path that you can see down there to the right which leads on to Beck Wythop, a little hamlet alongside Bass Lake. Not today though as we’re not parked there.

We’re almost back down and its still reasonably clear on Sale Fell. Those white things sticking up out of the ground are plastic tubes, and are meant to protect the young trees which have been planted. Every time we come across them I go and have a look to see how the saplings are doing, and in too many cases they are not doing very well or they have died. I think the plan was to create a patch of woodland, but all that you see is an area of empty plastic tubes which doesn’t really add much to the landscape.

The Old School at Wythop. Now I understand that many people will have happy memories of going to school here but I can’t help thinking that it all looks a bit grim and unwelcoming.

Walking into Wythop Mill with the snowdrops in full bloom in the hedgerows. Close beside them were daffodils in bud just waiting to steal the show.

Wythop Sunday School …..

….. built in 1887, although I rather doubt that the stone tablet dates from that year. The crown insignia reminded me of one of those cupcake buns you can buy in a baker’s shop.

The door to enlightenment?

We’re only a short distance from the car now so to finish the walk I took a couple pictures of the pretty church at Wythop …..