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Monday 21st February 2022


Nothing to post with regard to walking the fells as the weather keeps on battering us with storms and severe winds so we’re keeping out of it until things settle down. In lieu of a walk report, below this introduction is a link to Day 5 of the Grand Jury proceedings which took place live yesterday evening, 20th February 2022.


The proceedings explain the financial background to everything that has been happening over the past two years and we urge everyone to take the time to view it and understand the implications, for each and every one of us, of what is being explained because it is vitally important that everyone takes the time to review and protect their own financial situation.


We have mentioned central bank digital currencies in previous posts and the monetary problems faced by central banks which are explained in the video are one of the reasons behind their proposed introduction. To put it bluntly, the central banks are skint!


Apologies if you are already aware of this but just to be clear – central banks are not the ones you see around your local town, they are what are known as commercial or retail banks. The Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and so on are examples of central banks. The structure of the modern banking system is now so interlinked and interdependent that it will be impossible to avoid BIG TROUBLE should anything happen to upset the apple cart. Things look to be on something of a knife edge at the moment.


Please set aside some time to listen to what the various contributors have to say and then take stock of your own financial situation and consider how best to protect and maintain your own personal circumstances. It is just over four hours long so probably best to view in bite sized chunks as and when time is available. The most important takeaway from it is that once you deposit money into a bank it is no longer yours despite what you have been led to believe. You have given it to the bank on the understanding, i.e.promise, that it will return it, with interest, (Haha, what interest?) to you on demand. That promise is also clearly stated on the Bank of England’s paper notes. How many of us have never broken a promise? Banks are run by human beings and, when push comes to shove, their survival will be more important to them than yours is!


This is especially relevant and important given how the government of Canada are freezing the bank accounts/credit cards and suspending the vehicle insurance of many people taking part in the truckers protest in Ottawa and also those of people who have donated to the funds set up to help and support them. They have pressurised the web sites hosting the funds to have them frozen too so none of the donations can be distributed to the truckers. These actions are illegal under the law, given that the Canadian parliament has not yet been able to vote on the proposed legislation one way or the other but that hasn’t stopped them doing it. (The debate on the introduction of the Emergency Act was suspended on the flimsiest of grounds.) If the government of Canada can get away with it what’s to stop another doing just the same? Here’s a link to an article re the Canadian government’s actions and their implications:


Be as prepared as you can and keep using cash.


Here’s the link to Grand Jury Day 5 plus the timeline



00:13 Rui da Fonseca e Castro, Judge, Portugal, summary of Day 4 proceedings

03:23 Introductions by Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Attorney at law, Germany

05:52 Patrick Wood: a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. USA

1:25:20 Leslie Manookian: Investment banker. USA

2:35:56 3 videos from victims of the inoculations:

2:36:31 Video 1

2:37:44 Video 2

2:38:56 Video 3

2:42:13 Bjorn Pirrwitz: Lawyer and financial expert, Germany

3:31:50 Professor Christian Kreiss: Professor of Economics, Germany

4:2:.44 Closing remarks

All the previous Grand Jury sessions can be found here:

Further information on the banking issue can be found here:

and here:


The second article above is from The Telegraph which has a pay-wall. To get around the majority of pay-walls just type into the search bar of your browser and when the 12ft page comes up copy and paste the web address of the page you want to view where indicated on the 12ft site. This will give the text of an article but not any graphics which accompany it hence the blank where a graphic should be in the second article. It doesn’t really matter as the nuts and bolts of it all are in the text. Seems to me that its a case of somehow magically borrowing from Peter (the Treasury) to pay Paul (the Bank of England) and vice versa. Unfortunately both Peter and Paul have pockets empty of cash but packed full of ‘fairy dust’.



Information on the situation in Canada can be found on an abundance of alternative media sites and on Twitter. If you rely on the beeb and its counterparts on other UK tv channels for information then its likely to be rather thinner on the ground.


This financial state of affairs affects us all so please share the links to the video and the articles with your family and friends, they need to be prepared too.




The Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor-General, was served with legal papers from the people of Australia on 26th January, formally requesting that he fulfil his legal obligations as the Queen’s deputy to assist the people of Australia and remove their tyrannical government. By 27th January he had gone from Government House to who knows where? Shortly after that the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had appointed a new Governor-General. Another government committing an illegal act. Not seen this reported anywhere in the UK so we’re not sure of the veracity of this but here’s the report from Australia: