Walk date – 31st December 2022

Distance – Less than a mile

Weather – low cloud everywhere, rain showers, no wind


About three days after our last walk the freezing cold and calm spell came to an end and back came the dull grey skies and rain/sleet/snow accompanied by very strong winds. Today was forecast to be more of the same, minus the strong wind, and true to form it rained solidly until about 12.30 pm. As the rain abated we thought we’d do an out and back stroll from Pooley Bridge along the Ullswater lakeshore path while we had the chance of some dry weather. The dry weather didn’t last long and as soon as we opened the front door the rain started again. We decided to take a chance and drove the short distance over to Pooley Bridge and by the time we had parked up the rain had stopped again. Its not a long walk along the shoreline but in the end it turned out to be even shorter than we had anticipated. We didn’t take the gps so there’s no route map/mileage but we didn’t get very far so there’s nothing to show anyway. I took a few photos along the way …..

The houses alongside Ullswater’s outflow channel which were flooded out in 2015. All have been rebuilt, and some are now two storey houses where previously all of them were bungalows. Judging by the high water level flowing past their front gardens the occupiers are probably hoping the days of incessant rain come to an end before much longer, it certainly looks a bit perilous from over here.

Dunmallard Hill and the Pooley Bridge jetty.

The shoreline path is flooded so everyone had to take to the higher path and there were dozens of folk, plus their wet and muddy dogs, walking over it in both directions. We’ve never seen so many people on this path before.

No ‘steamers’ to ruffle the water at the moment.

A look along Ullswater towards Hallin Fell which is gradually disappearing in an incoming shower.

Our lakeshore stroll is over almost before it has started and we have to call it a day at this point. Not only has Ullswater taken over the path …..

….. it has flooded the next field too.

A last look along the water before turning around and returning to Pooley Bridge.

Arthur’s Pike getting covered in cloud and after a couple more minutes neither it nor Bonscale Pike were visible.

Walking back to Pooley Bridge and a light drizzle is just beginning to fall. A glance over to our right made us realise just why there were so many people out and about, the camping sites on both sides of the back lane over there were chock full of camper vans! We haven’t seen it as full as it was today even in the height  of summer.

Elder Beck is normally little more than a trickle of water but its filling up the whole blooming bed today.

We noticed a couple of well wrapped up paddleboarders gliding serenely across the water. At least there’s no wind to blow them off course or rough up the water today. It was very unusual to see paddleboarders wrapped up in thick coats and long trousers so we could only assume that they were wearing wetsuits underneath their outer layers.

Only  part of the lower shoreline path is visible, the rest of it plus the numerous little beaches are under water. At least the multitude of dogs were enjoying themselves – straight in and no messing about, plus lots of excited barking.

Back alongside the ‘des res’ row of new builds. I wonder how much their insurance premiums are now? Once back in Pooley we decided to drive round to the Howtown jetty and see what conditions were like there.

No different! The jetty is sticking out into the water on the right and the gate and path leading to it is over on the left, access to both is a non-starter at the moment unless potential passengers fancy a calf deep paddle. Its either that or a longer walk around to the bottom of Hallin Fell and get to it from the path along its lower slopes.

Standing in water up to the ‘running boards’ of my boots for an atmospheric shot across the water. The ground slopes away at this point so one step further forward and the water would have been over the top of my boots.

Now standing at the muddy roadside for this over the wall view of Hallin Fell. The dark area in front of the blue bundles is floodwater covering the path to the jetty and a good portion of the field too.

Back to standing in the floodwater for another atmospheric shot, no jetty this time just a few boats. Even the low lying hills beyond the water are disappearing quite quickly now and by the time we were back in Pooley the cloud was down completely, the light went along with it and its only just gone two o’clock! Well, its still drizzling, there’s nothing to see, everywhere is either muddy or flooded so we might as well make tracks for home I suppose.

When we turn off the A6 and head down into the valley we are often treated to a view of Cross Fell and its neighbours over on the northern Pennines. Not today though, nor on many of the previous days just lately, we can’t even see the bottom of the valley now. Ah well, these gloomy days will come to an end eventually. Until then we send our best wishes to you all and hope that the coming new year will be a happy and peaceful one for us all.