Around Hallin Fell

Walk Date – 12th February 2016

Distance – 3.7 miles

Weather – dry with sunny spells but a cool east wind


The morning has been taken up with routine chores, but we still have a decent afternoon of weather so we decide to do one of those walks that you’re always going to do, but never quite get around to it. We’ve walked up Hallin Fell many a time but never all the way around it. After parking at Howtown we cross the road and take the path which will take us all the way around the fell.


From the path this is the view across Ullswater towards Dunmallard Hill at the end of the lake.

Over on our right is Bonscale Pike with Arthur’s Pike just peeping out behind it.

The terraced path on the lower slopes of Hallin Fell.

Below Bonscale Pike is Mellguards, the white building in the centre, with the Howtown ferry pier just below it.

Steps going down to the path which leads to the ferry pier.

The view really opens up once you are clear of the small wooded area.

Arthur’s Pike, in the centre, catching some sunshine.

The view along Ullswater from the terrace path below Hallin Fell.

Another look across to Arthur’s Pike and Bonscale Pike.

Half of Ullswater, the other half bends around the left of the shot, ending at Glenridding. Its a very long lake, roughly 20 miles all the way around it.

A view of Swinburn’s Park as we approach Geordie’s Crag.

Geordie’s Crag in the foreground, with Gowbarrow Fell over on the left.

Arthur’s Pike and Bonscale Pike from Geordie’s Crag.

The view along Ullswater from Geordie’s Crag.

Continuing along the rocky path from Geordie’s Crag. Don’t slip here or you’ll be in for an early bath.

Gowbarrow Fell, which stands along the southern section of Ullswater which ends at Glenridding.

The view through the trees near Kailpot Crag.

Kailpot Crag.

Roots and rocks at Kailpot Crag.

Approaching Hallinhag Wood.

Blue skies over Gowbarrow Fell.

The path though Hallinhag Wood.

Its good to see the Ullswater ‘steamer’ back in service after the floods. I didn’t see it until it was almost past so it was a bit of a scramble to get the camera out in time before the boat disappeared behind the tree branches.

The path with views of Ullswater ends here at Sandwick Bay, from here its mostly a walk along the narrow tarmac lanes.

A look back at the path, lots of water still around …..

….. and plenty of it still running across the fields.

Looking towards the southern end of Ullswater.

Very slowly the water is draining away, but the debris left behind shows by how much Ullswater overflowed onto the land around it.

The remains of an old building above the path. The path runs alongside the wall but it was much too muddy to use.

Flood debris in front of Beckside Farm.

Gowbarrow Fell behind the ruined farm buildings.

Sandwick Beck,  flowing on its way down to Ullswater,  from the bridge across it.

The gate at the end of the bridge, we didn’t visit the tea room today.

One of the cottages in the hamlet of Sandwick, which I understand is pronounced Sanick.

Part of Beda Fell with the snow covered fells of the High Street range behind.

Hallin Fell.

The western side of Beda Fell.

The beck and the lane part company at this point.

Beda Fell was nicely lit so I thought it would make a good picture, but by the time I’d got the camera out …..!

We’ve just come from Sandwick so its on to Howtown next.

Hallin Fell from the lane to Howtown.

The fire is going well in Hallin Bank farmhouse, its only mid-afternoon but you can feel the temperature dropping already, the chilliness is added to by the keen east wind.

Steel Knotts ahead of us as we continue down the lane.

The bridge over Howegrain Beck with Steel Knotts in the background.

The eastern side of Beda Fell.

Still doing the job for which it was intended, Queen Victoria would be proud.

The ‘new’ church of St Peter, Martindale, consecrated in 1882. The ‘old’ church of St Martin is down the valley about half a mile away. The date that church was established is unknown but there is a mention of it in a charter of 1220.

A look down at the Howtown hairpins, our car is parked on the patch of green over on the right, opposite the start of the path around Hallin Fell.

Well, that’s today’s walk almost at an end and there’s no need to risk life and limb walking down the road as there are numerous paths across the grass. We could have walked down the road quite safely today though as there was very little traffic.