Great and Little Kinmond

Walk date – 21st February 2021

Distance – 4.2 miles

Weather – dry, some sunny spells, light breeze, mild


A week of rain showers rounded off by two days of non-stop rain throughout Friday and Saturday made for a very dreary week. Things brightened up a little by late morning today so we had a short walk over the limestone pavements on Great Kinmond and Little Kinmond. After so much rain the ground was very soggy so it was a muddy walk but, after a week of watching raindrops dribble down the windows, it was good to get out again.


Sunbiggin Tarn – Dales High Way – Great Kinmond – Little Kinmond – Sunbiggin Farm – Stony Head – Sunbiggin Tarn

Starting out on the very soggy ground of the Dales High Way, the Howgills in the distance.

Great Kinmond comes into view as we round the bend in the track.

We had a very good spell of sunshine we walked over the gentle slopes of Great Kinmond and, in the absence of any wind to speak of, it became quite warm. So warm that gloves were put into pockets and jackets had to be unzipped.

Approaching the gate in the first wall on Great Kinmond. The wheels of farm vehicles bringing hay for the sheep had left muddy and well churned ground around the gate. I don’t suppose the farmer cares very much for the mud either but the sheep have to be fed.

The view over to High Pike on a lovely afternoon as we make our way over the gently rising ground. Sunbiggin Farm is in the cluster of trees to the left and Little Kinmond is the tan coloured hill on the extreme right.

A view of Mallerstang Edge to the east of us from the top of Great Kinmond. Not much snow left over there, or anywhere else now.

Still plodding over the fields with the Howgills in the distance.

One of the limestone pavements on Great Kinmond.

Looking north east from Great Kinmond.

The Howgills and a smidge of Sunbiggin Tarn from Great Kinmond. Lots of cloud in that direction …..

….. but we still have the sunny spell over us as we make our way over towards the sheep ‘huddle’ and the gate at the wall corner.

The sunny spell disappears as I take a look back at Great Kinmond.

The wall serves as a guide and eventually leads us to the stile and …..

….. about half a dozen strides beyond it is this gate where we leave the Dales High Way to follow the very muddy path over to Little Kinmond.

We eventually left the worst of the mud behind and dropped down off Little Kinmond over this grassy path. The sunny spell has gone and cloud is building over High Pike ahead of us. The path leads across a series of fields and the gates have the standard yellow and green path markers although they aren’t a lot of use if you don’t know the area as the green arrows have more or less faded away.

The Shap fells to the south west …..

….. and the Howgills to the east. The farm buildings come into view below us.

The sunny spell moves eastward and briefly lights up the Howgills.

The ground is so saturated that it cannot absorb any more and so finds ways of escape, this spring isn’t always here.

A look back at Little Kinmond as we approach Sunbiggin Farm.

Almost down to the farm now with a view of Hooksey, Yarlside and West Fell over to the right.

Its a struggle to open the gate and when we do we find it is only hanging on one hinge. J attempts to fix it and I give him a hand but over time the holes for the fixings have increased in size and the fixings wouldn’t stay in place. Time for a new gatepost methinks.

We pass round the farm buildings and at Stony Head the tarmac farm access lane comes to an end and the rough track begins. From the track there’s a clearer view of Hooksey, Yarlside and West Fell.

A look across to Little Kinmond as we head back along the track.

Every dip in the track was full of water so some nifty footwork was needed.

Back at the car with a view of Little Asby Scar and Crosby Garrett Fell on the skyline. Its only mid-afternoon but the increasing cloud has dimmed the light and it doesn’t look as if it is going to get any better. That’s it for today then folks, but we’ll be back when the next fine day turns up.