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Thursday 18th February 2021


Since July 2020 a group of lawyers, headed by Dr Reiner Fuellmich, has been investigating the coronavirus phenomenon and  gathering evidence from around the world in preparation for legal actions.

Last night we watched a four hour livestream broadcast from Germany during which doctors, lawyers, investigators and journalists from around the world reported on the ongoing international legal disputes, including the various legal actions, class actions, nullification complaints, etc.

They also discussed how those who are primarily responsible for crimes against humanity can and must be held accountable for both civil and criminal crimes, possibly within the framework of a new International Court of Justice to be set up according to the historic example of the Nuremberg Trials, with an international cast of lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

Preparing this has been a bit of a rush job as not much time has elapsed since the video ended late last night but hope you will be able to make sense of it.

Four hours  of video is a lot to get through so to make it a bit more manageable the time points where each person makes their contribution have been given with a brief synopsis of what they said.

It might be helpful to open the video in one tab and have this page open in another.

If these attempts at making things easier have only succeeded in baffling you even further then, as a quick rule of thumb, whenever Dr Reiner Fuellnich (in the white shirt) appears he will be speaking German or English, he is fluent in both and he is an easily identifiable point at which to move back and forth through the video or pause it as you wish.

Where the contributor does not speak English Dr Fuellmich gives a translation afterwards, so just scroll forward for the translation to cut the viewing time

The time points given below are approximate so you may have to use the slider button to get to the exact point you need.

A video of the livestream is now available here on youtube –

if you tube have removed it you can view it here on their own web site –

Scroll down a little and below the blue banner at the top of the page where you will find the video, its title is Sondersitzung.

The first person to appear was Robert F Kennedy Jnr

 Starts at 1.40
They discuss the corona and legal situation in America in English. Mr Kennedy has a medical condition which affects his voice.
A disturbing video at 12.00 showing forcible vaccination of elderly care home residents, no sound to the footage
Dr Fuellmich translates into German at intervals
56.30 End of Robert Kennedy section

Next contributors to appear are two lawyers from Austria speaking in German about how the power of the people can really change things

1.06.44 Translation to English followed by more discussion
1.16.13 More translation

Austrians get around the ban on mass protests by simply going for a walk in their thousands, all at the same time and in the same place. There’s an amusing description where the crowds surrounded the police who were then forced to leave. Crowd began shouting that their Chancellor has to go.
That’s something that could be done here.
Discussion continues

1.24.35 Translation explaining that Austria is a small country, has a very weak government which leads the two Austrian lawyers to think that the Austrian government is ready to fall apart.

1.34.29 Next contributor also from Austria

1.40.33 Translation regarding how do people get damages from the courts of law for what has been done to them, lawyers will go after the corporations and the individuals who are really responsible

1.45.45 Next contributor is Dr Angelo Giorgiani from Italy who used to be an anti Mafia prosecutor, he and his colleagues have collected a lot of evidence which is relevant not just for Italy but also internationally

Dr Giorgiani’s contributions are translated after each statement he makes

Key points –

We are facing a global situation and the so called pandemic is being used as a cover for social engineering to take over the whole states and to create a whole world government
Basically he is very alarmed that the democratic will of the people will be ignored and he says the aim is the takeover of whole states based on the pandemic

In Italy the high number of deaths came from wrong treatments and decisions made by the authorities and not the virus itself
He says it is interesting that the errors made in Italy were then repeated, more or less, all over the world
Italy should have been an example of what not to do but there was no worldwide interest in avoiding the errors which had been made in Italy
All the deaths were recorded as Covid-19, no autopsies
You can only understand this by realising that it is nothing to do with the health of the people

The role the media played is incredible because without the media daily recording increasing numbers of deaths this situation could never have been reached
The media are the agents for the psychological terrorism and now the vaccine is portrayed as the only solution to the problem

He says we have to ask who gave the instructions/information for them to act in this manner and all over the world are these so called ‘experts’ who are the consultants of the governments
That these experts are often in evident situations of conflicts of interest, that a lot of them are on the payroll of pharmaceutical industries
These experts are acting as the long arm of the WHO, they created all the huge damage and until now do not face any responsibility
We have reached the point where now we have to render all these people responsible for what they have caused, the enormous violation of fundamental rights

He speaks of the role of the WHO which he calls an agglomeration of private investors and is playing its role in their interests and not in those of the citizens of the world
He points specifically to the individuals who we know are financing the WHO

The aim is to make us all a patient who continuously needs drugs/vaccine and that this vaccine will be used to create a continuous pandemic

There is a huge private economic interest to create an enormous ongoing profit and there is no interest in creating a vaccine which will be efficient because drugs and vaccines which have a high efficiency would stop that volume of profit

It is obvious that to submit us all to this kind of vaccines is in order to start a never ending circle between vaccines and drugs because its in the interests of big pharmaceutical companies which he sees are behind the new world government

He says that we know from the data that the mortality of covid-19 is similar to that of seasonal flu and that obviously there are already efficient therapies for covid-19

He says we can see that people who have had the vaccines, and after the second injection get sick and some are dying

We have tested thousands of people who show up as being positive who are without symptoms and who aren’t ill

He asks why are people being asked to take the vaccine when they will continue to get and to transmit the virus

We know these vaccines have not passed all the tests and are experimental, and could never be mandatory because this would be a tremendous violation of fundamental rights which are guaranteed by international conventions and by the European Court of Fundamental Rights and this would be a crime against humanity

His intention is to brings these crimes before the International Criminal Court and he is willing to join the group to be able to do that

It is obvious that small and medium businesses are dying and this goes in favour of a small group of players ( I heard the word Amazon in his contribution but the translator did not mention it)

He says this plan was obviously to destroy the economic system so that the states would have to take finance from the international players and then they would no longer be free in their decisions

More and more states would have to take finance and they won’t be free in the future

He says that we in Europe are in the second phase of this development and that there are already countries which are in the third phase of this, for example Israel

If we look at what happens in Israel we should know what we will be facing in the future because all during the year we could see that what happened in the first phase then happened in all other countries

In Israel it began with ‘soft ‘ propaganda to get people vaccinated. Last year Benjamin Netanyahu met Albert Bourla from Pfizer and they concluded a mainly secret contract, Israel paid double the price compared with the US price and the contract placed an obligation on Israel to reach a certain number of persons vaccinated, (a quota, in other words)

They have to fulfil this mass number within a certain time period and to transmit the information regarding the consequences of the vaccinations (adverse reactions) to Pfizer, the lawyer likens this to an industrial contract

He says it is very interesting how, in Israel, they are trying not to give the public real numbers of the numbers of deaths after the first vaccine and the figures recorded on the official report web site are not true to the real numbers

The language used by the Israeli government is getting more and more aggressive, using words like ‘extinction’ of people who don’t want to have the vaccine, that if people didn’t get the vaccine they should wear clothes of a certain colour in order to show that they hadn’t had the vaccine, (for Israel, of all places, to suggest this is absolutely incredible)

 Enormous pressure is being placed on people and this he says shows us what we would face in the third phase of this development

In Europe we are currently in the second phase he says

He goes on to explain that Rabbis who are trying to defend the position of people unwilling to be vaccinated are being subjected to physical pressure, he mentions one Rabbi who is part of his (the lawyer’s) organisation is now facing a very difficult time and could be arrested soon. There was also an attempt to destroy his synagogue.

Such threats are taking place in other parts of the world eg South America and Eastern Europe, but there are people trying to go against this development and the only way to get out of this is to get organised worldwide in order to help each other and to change the situation

To conclude he says that the legal actions are very important all over the world but it is also important that the citizens organise protests because it is important that they show they are not willing to accept what is happening

It would also be a good idea to organise a worldwide protest at the same time to show that all over the world to show that there are huge numbers of world citizens who want this to stop.

We have also to work on a communication system because now there is only one system and one message and this has to be changed
That we need a communication system which will reach a larger number of citizens
This needs to be world wide otherwise a change won’t be possible
Also needed is an organisation to help small and medium sized businesses

This section ends at 2.43.21

A short discussion with the translator, who is also a lawyer and involved in litigation, follows, ends at 2.50.58

This is then translated into English by Dr Fuellmich and ends at 2.53.06

Next person to contribute is a French journalist and the conversation takes place in English, ends at 3.13.33 with short breaks for translation into German at intervals

Next up is a lawyer from the Netherlands, this is in German
English translation starts at 3.25.53
and the end of this section is conducted in a mix of German and English, ends around 3.33.56

This is followed by a very short section in English from a lawyer offering her expertise, her specialism is audio/visual legislation and its associated civil rights

Next is another short contribution from someone in Spain starting around 3.38.22 this is in a mix of German and English

The last contributor is from Israel starting at 3.44.33 and describes what is happening in Israel, conducted in English

The situation in Israel doesn’t sound good, it will probably be our turn for something similar before long. Lifting of the restrictions here is beginning to look a long way off.

The fact that the situation has been identical all over the world certainly has all the hallmarks of a pre-determined plan. The purpose of yesterday’s post, and previous ones, was to let people know what has been going on regarding all of this and hopefully some of it has been instrumental in getting people thinking about what is happening and be willing do something about it. Taking a tip from the Austrians – a peaceful walk ( placards, banners or violence) through your town with a few thousand others might be a good place to start. Hope you’ll take a look at the video and pass the link on to other people you know. Thank you.