Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg

Walk date – 15th April 2022

Distance – 8.1 miles

Weather – dull and overcast, light south easterly breeze


After arriving back home after today’s walk and finding that not one of the photos taken today appeared on the camera’s SD card, to say that I am hugely disappointed that I have no photos of today’s walk to display, not to mention being completely puzzled as to how that came about, is putting it mildly. The camera worked perfectly every time I used it, no warning messages flashing, no shutter locking up, viewfinder and zoom function all OK, battery and spare fully charged, SD card cleared of previous walk photos and re-formatted as a matter of course, so everything was ready to go as it always is. It was only when I was downloading the images from the SD card to my lap-top using the SD card reader as usual, that it became clear that there were no images to download. J suggested there might be something wrong with the card so I put it back into the camera, it can’t be placed into its slot incorrectly because if it isn’t the right way round it will not slot into place. Having inserted the card I took a shot, pressed the replay button and there was the shot I’d just taken, so what happened to the 50 or so shots I’d taken during our walk I have no idea. Its hugely disappointing as well as puzzling but that’s how it is. All I can do at the moment, while I try and work out what’s happened, and see if anything can be done about it, is put up the route map, courtesy of the satnav gizmo, in case anyone wants to refer to it and can only suggest taking a look at the same walk, more or less, which we last did on 9th May 2016, although on that occasion we had a short stroll across the top of Whoap which we didn’t do today, and the weather was better then than it was today. Today’s ‘top of the page’ blue sky photo comes courtesy of that walk too. Our walk to Lank Rigg on 29th June 2014 might also be of interest. The sky during today’s walk remained dull and grey all day with poor visibility and no sunshine, although there was only a light breeze in contrast to our 2016 walk. Being Good Friday and a Bank Holiday weekend there were plenty of folk out walking although the wide open spaces available on these western fells ensures that they never feels in the least bit crowded. If, by some miracle, the photos can be recovered then I will add them as soon as I can. If not then disappointment will no doubt prevail for a few days before it gets chalked up to experience.


Off road parking at Scaly Moss – Forest track to stile below Grike – Grike – Crag Fell – Black Pots – Whoap – Lank Rigg – Valley route back to Scaly Moss