Lank Rigg

Walk Date – 29th June 2014

Distance – 5 miles

Weather – cloudy and cool


We’ve gone way out west today for a walk over to Lank Rigg. Its been quite a while since we were here so we thought we’d pay a return visit. Once again the weather started out quite nicely but before long turned cloudy and cool.

Route – out and back

Here we’re looking towards Whoap in the centre with Lank Rigg to the right.

A look back from the Lank Rigg path. Follow the path back to the slope coming in at the right hand side and we are parked just beyond and over to the right of that slope on the Cold Fell road.

Ready to cross the infant River Calder which starts its journey on these fells and continues on its short journey, of about nine miles, to the coast at Sellafield.

This is just about the only obstacle we’ll meet on today’s walk and there’s not much water in the beck today so its an easy crossing.

The big grassy mound of Whoap which we aren’t going to go up today.

The lower path across to Lank Rigg is just about visible going across from left to right.

A look back at the route we have been following as we cross around the head of the valley. The fell in shadow over to the right is Grike and what looks like stripes are what remains following a lot of tree felling. The slopes of Grike used to be covered in dense tree plantations but most of them have gone now.

Lank Rigg trig column, the bare slopes on the right. showing evidence of more tree felling.

We made our way across to Lank Rigg tarn and the second cairn. Big, dark clouds over us now but it looks quite clear out over the sea so there’s some better weather coming in.

The second cairn on Lank Rigg with Black Combe in the distance, over on the left.

Brooding skies over Lank Rigg Tarn and the chilly wind rippling the surface.

Lank Rigg Tarn and a view out to sea. We didn’t linger long, the sun had gone elsewhere for a while and it was starting to feel a bit raw.

Back at the trig column with a cold wind blowing my hair all over the place. Gloves required and so were longer trousers, not quite the best day for these shorter ones.

Here we are almost back at the car on the Cold Fell Road. Not a lot of photos today as the views were somewhat limited and the light went for a good while. Of course, as usual, it started to brighten up a bit as we got back to the car.