Taking a look into a few dark corners …..

26th November 2021


Following on from the 21st November walk report here are a couple more links which will shed further light on what is going on.


The link below goes to the UK Column site and the video of today’s broadcast which begins by taking a look at Australia, currently one of the world’s darker corners, and then goes on to examine a couple more. Viewing time: 94 minutes. 




The time line and links for the documents mentioned in the video had not been posted at the time of writing but you can find a couple of them below:








Below is a link to an interview given by Ernst Wolff, an author and journalist who specialises in the global financial and monetary system, especially the role of the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the Bretton Woods system and the worldwide fiat money. He explains why and how the current situation came about and the ultimate aims of those who are pulling the strings. Interview begins in earnest after one minute of irritating intro which you might want to skip through. Viewing time: 59 minutes.