The Battle for Britain?

Wednesday 17th February 2021


Article by Lord Jonathan Sumption in

The Daily Telegraph

Monday 15th February 2021


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Remember those ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’?  Yet here we are, almost a year later and nothing has changed. Until public attitudes change the government will continue to keep these restrictions in place because, as Lord Sumption points out almost at the end of his article, the Prime Minister ‘is too much of a populist to go against public sentiment. He lacks the moral and political stature to lead opinion rather than follow it’. It will only end when the public decides it has had enough and says so loudly and clearly.

If you want an end to restrictions then you must say so. Most MPs have been sitting at home in their constituencies on full pay (£81,932 plus allowances) for the past eleven months so its not difficult to see why they support these restrictions. Its time to shake them out of their complacency. Write to your MP and let them know your views. It needn’t be a long letter, just be concise and to the point and remind them that next time around if they want your vote they had better get off their backsides and start doing something about removing every last one of these oppressive restrictions. This website makes it easy to do so do it AND KEEP DOING IT. The reply you receive is irrelevant, the point is to keep filling their inbox so they eventually get the message.


Think of those young men who, in 1940, clambered into their aircraft to fight off the enemy. They were fighting against tyranny and oppression and for our liberty. They knew the odds were stacked against them but the future of their country mattered to them. Now it is up to us to fight against the tyranny and oppression imposed on us by our own government, but do we have the will and do we have the courage?

This is our Battle of Britain.

Regarding the vaccinations to which Lord Sumption refers in his article, concerns about them have been increasing. There is an online government yellow card reporting system where adverse effects can be reported. The latest analysis for the Pfizer vaccine can be found here –

The last page summary shows: Total reports – 20,319, Total reactions – 59,614, Total deaths – 143

and the latest analysis for the AstraZeneca vaccine can be found here –

The last page summary shows: Total reports – 11,748,  Total reactions – 42,649, Total deaths – 90

The adverse effects for each medical area are listed on a separate page so you have to scroll down to read the next one.

These are reports on the government’s own web site. It is up to any member of the public (which will presumably be the person who has suffered the adverse effect or a member of their family) or health professional to do the reporting and one wonders a) how many people know about the yellow card system and b) how many will actually report anything. The summary mentions that adverse effects were reported less frequently by older adults than in younger people. That is hardly surprising since older people may not be familiar with or even use online services so there may well be quite a lot of under-reporting taking place. Naturally enough the government summary says there is no connection between these adverse events and the vaccine – ‘The nature of Yellow Card reporting means that reported events are not always proven side effects. Some events may have happened anyway, regardless of vaccination. This is particularly the case when millions of people are vaccinated, and especially when most vaccines are being given to the most elderly people and people who have underlying illness.’ So they were old and ill and were going to die anyway and that’s OK then is it? Looks like some lives don’t matter as much as others. The fact that those deaths may have been hastened by vaccination seems not to have been considered. The link to the summary is here –

It is particularly concerning that the group of people the vaccine is meant to protect, i.e. the elderly, are the ones who are being most affected by it and there is increasing concern about the number of deaths in care homes following vaccination. This is happening around the world, not just the UK, and the situation in Gibraltar is causing great concern. Here’s a link to a report about Gibraltar – which appears after the item on opening schools.

Further links to incidents can be found here

In the left hand column click on Health, when that page comes up click on

UPDATED 17th February – How many people are the vaccines killing?

Dr Coleman also made a very moving video a few days ago

and all of his videos are posted here

A legal action has been started to have the vaccination programme stopped in Germany after a care home worker spoke to the lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich about what had been happening to residents in the care home where he works. The video, with English subtitles (which take a few seconds to become clear) is here 

As far as I have been able to determine governments around the world seem to be saying that there are no causal links between all these care home deaths and the vaccinations. Apparently these people died because they had not received the second course of injections and therefore had not developed sufficient immunity to the virus. Surely the high correlation between injections and subsequent deaths the world over cannot be down to coincidence alone. Post-mortems would help to determine the cause of these deaths but these do not seem to be happening. If they are I haven’t come across any information about them so far.

It looks like the goalposts are about to move again!

Today’s newspapers are reporting that the government will not agree to a major easing of the restrictions until new daily ‘case’ numbers drop below 1,000. That is ‘case’ numbers based on a questionable PCR test known to return very high numbers of ‘false positive’ results. How are we to be sure that these numbers will not be manipulated in order to keep the daily total above 1,000?  We can’t because we only have the government’s word for it.

What do you know about mRNA, ADE or pathogenic priming? It might be sensible to find out. There are lots of scientific papers out there dealing with these matters. This one, published 12th December 2020, is easy to understand and some of the information may be applicable to the care home deaths mentioned earlier  –

this one, in pdf format, goes into greater detail. It was published in the October 2020 edition of The International Journal of Clinical Practice –

There are hundreds of others, just make sure you are reading a scientific paper and not something pushed out by pharmaceutical companies or their associates. These will often give a very one-sided opinion and will skirt around or avoid mentioning the ‘awkward’ bits.

Finally, for what its worth, Google is no longer used in our household, we didn’t care to have our every move tracked, our data sucked up, or being shown only those sites Google wanted us to see. If you find this behaviour annoying, irritating and intrusive why not look around for something better?