The Drosten Files

Date – 29th January 2021


Weather – sleet and rain for the past couple of days and we’re stuck indoors again!

So no walk reports but the following information may be of interest.


The outcome of the legal action brought by Dr Reiner Fuellmich against Christian Drosten, details of which were posted here on 21st December 2020, is still pending.


Meanwhile a German TV channel has been looking at Drosten’s background in more detail and on 8th January this year they broadcast a programme detailing their findings. That broadcast can be viewed here – – its in German but it has been translated into English and the transcript is publicly available. A link to the transcript is at the end of this post.


The programme dealt with the following four areas: 


“The Drosten File” Part 1: Christian Drosten and his mis-predictions

(seems as though he’s from the same mould as our very own Neil Ferguson)


“The Drosten File” Part 2: Christian Drosten and his doctoral degree

(a.k.a. The non-existent thesis)


“The Drosten File” Part 3: Christian Drosten and his PCR Test

(i.e. cobbled together and not fit for purpose, but then we already knew that)


“The Drosten File” Part 4: Christian Drosten and his manifold entanglements

(follow the money, as usual)


Here’s a snippet from Part 4:


‘A decisive indicator for the credibility of scientists is their neutrality and impartiality.


1. Is Drosten’s neutrality and impartiality even possible – given his connection to Olfert Landt?


Olfert Landt is one of the regular co-authors of Drosten’s studies – including the current Corona test publication. He is also the owner of the Berlin biotech company TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH, which produces Corona PCR tests. Drosten and Landt have apparently discovered a successful “business model”: in the case of pandemics and the most diverse viral outbreaks, they jointly develop a PCR test for them: this was already the case in 2002/2003 for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), in 2011 for EHEC (Ecoli), in 2012 for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), in 2016 for the Zika virus, in 2017 for yellow fever.


In the meantime, he has probably reaped gigantic profits from these tests. It is somehow doubtful that Landt will pocket the entire economic success and that Drosten will only benefit in his reputation.


It is always the same trick, which they have now resorted to again for the Corona panic. Landt also admitted this to the Berliner Zeitung: “The test, the design, the development, came from the Charité.  We just immediately converted that into a kit format. When you don’t have the virus, which was initially only available in Wuhan, we can make a synthetic gene [i.e. using computer modelling] to simulate the virus genome. We did that very quickly.”

(n.b. The Charité Hospital in Berlin just happens to be where Christian Drosten is employed as Head of Administrative Office for Global Health and Director Institute of Virology)


Right at the start of the Corona crisis, Landt and his Berlin-based biotech company were producing Corona test kits for 1,500,000 Corona tests per week, and by February they had already tripled their sales.


Regardless of the extent to which Drosten derived personal benefit from this, the question arises as to how it can be that developments are pushed forward with public funds and subsequently private companies profit from them to such an extent?’


Here’s the link to the English translation of the broadcast –


and here’s a link to another article which gives a great deal more information about what’s going on in Germany at present –


It all makes for some very interesting, and very concerning, reading.