The ‘SMART’ Route to Tyranny?

Sunday 10th October 2021


In an article uploaded on this site on 27th March 2021 we noted the ultimate goal behind all the deception, lies and fraud to which we have all been subjected since the end of March 2020, namely the introduction of ‘vaccine’ passports.


‘THEY’ need to have these in operation in order to proceed to the next stage but that can’t be done without our co-operation. They need us to be ‘jabbed’ and they need us to upload their app to our smartphones to display our jabbed status. The entire scheme falls over if not enough of us do that.


Before considering the next stage take a look at the situation in Israel. Over 90% of the Israeli population has received two injections. After taking the injections Israeli citizens could upload an app, the ‘Green Pass’, to their Smartphones showing their ‘vaccination’ status. This was required to be shown to gain access to shops, gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc. Those who did not have those injections and so did not have the ‘Green Pass’ were thus barred from entering most public places.


Official Israeli statistics have since shown that the injections have not been successful and the majority of those admitted to hospital are those who have had two injections, this is also the case in the UK. Officially these admissions are attributed to covid but unofficially, ‘whistleblowers’ working inside the NHS are reporting that they are a result of adverse reactions with very high numbers of cardiac, blood and nervous system disorders.


Israel recently introduced ‘booster’ jabs. Approximately three million citizens who decided not to take this third ‘booster’ jab have now been informed by their ‘Green Pass’ app that they are now regarded as being ‘unvaccinated’ and therefore are no longer allowed to enter the places that they were previously open to them. An Israeli health official recently mentioned that a fourth ‘booster’ will probably (i.e. definitely will) be needed. Obviously citizens refusing the fourth jab will find themselves in the same circumstances as those who refused the third one. A situation whereby the State of Israel is using its power to control and curtail the individual liberty of its citizens via a so-called ‘health app’ on a Smartphone. This too appears to be the direction the UK is heading towards now that ‘boosters’ and ‘health passports’ are being considered. How many ‘boosters’ will people be expected, not to mention willing, to take before they say ‘enough is enough’? What happens then?


And what about the next stage of the plan?
This recent article – examines where the next stage is likely to lead.


As the article states ‘It doesn’t take much imagination to see just how this system could evolve and re-shape society into a truly dystopian nightmare.’


Without question this is a control agenda, with a digital and programmable system such as the one being planned, actual physical cash would no longer be issued and everyone would be subject to whatever limitations were imposed upon them. A cashless society gives the government the power to see your every transaction, and if the government, which issues public sector salaries, state benefits and pensions, and employers, who pay your wages, can see your every transaction, then they can control your every transaction. Would you be happy with that? Do you want to live like that? Without privacy and without autonomy? Think of the things you do now and in what ways they could be changed or limited by having to operate on someone else’s terms and not your own.


We could all make a start by using cash much more than we do now, after all its what we all used to do as a matter of course just a few years ago. Use the ‘hole in the wall’ cash machines more often, set aside one day of the week when you will only use cash and gradually increase the days until most of your transactions are paid in cash. Keep some cash in hand too against a time when the entire payment system goes down, as it will likely do in the not too distant future when the current financial bubble finally bursts and they try to prevent a run on the banks.


If you are a smartphone user have a think about all those apps you’ve got on it which constantly track you and gobble up your data; where you live, where you go, what you buy, what you like, what your interests and hobbies are, who your friends and acquaintances are etc etc. What smart appliances do you have in your home which are also constantly gathering data, if it has Smart anywhere in its description then it is capable of tracking what you do in what should be your safest place, your own home. All these things are sold as being of benefit to us to entice us into a way of life which is ultimately of greater benefit to someone else and which could eventually be used against us.


Perhaps we need to think about being a bit smarter in our use of Smart technology and realise, before it is too late, that by continuing to use this technology we are inadvertently creating the very trap which will eventually ensnare us.


If you strip away all the ‘benefit’ pretence then what you have is an unholy alliance of corporates who want to rip you off and elitists who want to control you.  The image below shows the set-up, if its too small to read drag it to your desktop and enlarge as required –



A good rule of thumb to remember and apply is – if it suits government and it suits big business then it probably isn’t a good thing for the rest of us.