A Few Christmas Crackers…..

22nd December 2021


The settled spell of fine weather we enjoyed on our Lingmoor Fell walk five days ago lasted through Saturday and Sunday. This week, from Monday onwards, the skies have been grey and overcast with very low light levels. We had hoped to squeeze in another walk this week but its not looking good for the run up to Christmas Day either. Up to and including Christmas Day the weather forecast is for windy conditions with rain and low cloud so a walk before Christmas is looking very unlikely.


Anyway before we all get too busy with all the last minute festive preparations here’s a few bits and pieces to be going on with, might be an interesting way to pass the time when the phrase ‘there’s nowt worth watching on telly’ is on everyone’s lips.


First up is a ‘freebie’.


Its a pdf file of a book written by Robert F Kennedy Junior which was published in November this year and which has topped the best seller list since then. Over a million copies were pre-ordered, our copy being one of them, and the printing presses are working overtime to keep up with continuing demand. At this time of year any other book topping the best seller list would have been splashed across all the media outlets with articles by book reviewers appearing everywhere. This one has been studiously ignored and the media silence has been deafening, they dare not even indicate that it exists never mind feature a review.


The title of the book is:

‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’

and the subject of the book, amongst others, is Dr Anthony Fauci, more or less the USA’s equivalent of the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Witty, although Fauci wields a whole lot more power and influence. Every statement made by the author is backed up by solid and extensive evidence, all of which is referenced and which can be checked by readers, and the book has been thoroughly edited twice. It is a damning indictment of Fauci’s record of fraud and lies, and how he is still in the job he has held since the 1980’s and not serving time behind bars is unbelievable. It is also very revealing that Fauci has not threatened the author with any legal action or made a single public comment about the book. Perhaps he’s running scared.


Those of you whose memories go back to the 1960’s will remember the assassinations of John F Kennedy and his brother, Robert F Kennedy, who respectively were the author’s uncle and father. Robert F Kennedy Jnr. is a lawyer, as was his father, and has successfully taken legal action against Fauci in the past.


Here’s the link to the free download which is in blue on the left hand side below the introductory paragraph:



This next link will take you to Big Gee’s site and an article about ‘smart phones’, in which this down to earth Welshman describes the how and why as to the reasons they have become so addictive, what QR codes, apps and all the rest of it are really all about, and some solutions to the situation. The first two paragraphs are historical background information so they can be skipped if you just want to get down to the nitty-gritty.

The link is here:



There has been plenty of publicity lately about the so-called Christmas ‘parties/business meetings’ or whatever they were described as, accompanied by much media hand-wringing and pearl clutching, concerning the politicians and civil servants who attended these while the rest of us were told they were ‘verboten’. Cries of ‘hypocrisy’ were rife throughout the media but they, and, it seems, most of the general public, missed the glaringly obvious message – that the people attending such gatherings obviously knew that there was nothing to be concerned about in which case why should the rest of us be? After these events became public knowledge you would have thought that the penny would have dropped amongst the general population and that people would have refused to go along with any more of the nonsense. It doesn’t take the abilities of a quantum physicist to make such an obvious mental connection so why are folk seemingly unable to join up the all too obvious dots? If they aren’t wearing face coverings then why should you? After all, the information on the gov.uk web site tells you that if wearing one of these ridiculous and utterly useless things causes you anxiety or distress then all you have to do is exempt yourself. Of course they cause anxiety and distress, to begin with its damned near impossible to even breathe properly while wearing one never mind all the other problems they create. The government has even provided exemption images to download, not that anyone is required to show any proof of exemption to other people, nor should they be asked what their exemption is based on. If anyone does so they should be reminded that they are in danger of breaching the legal requirements set out in the Equalities Act of 2010 and make sure you are familiar with the terms of the Act. (By the way, if you know anyone who uses hand sanitiser on a regular basis, or even excessively, just remind them to check that the product they’re using contains at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol and that it does not contain “denatured alcohol”, this will reduce the chances of it being contaminated with benzene which is a carcinogenic substance.)

This five minute video from Paul Weston makes a similar observation and includes a clip of yet another Christmas 2020 ‘gathering’ with Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly taking the ‘you know what’:



In our 11th November ‘Something to think about’ post we included a link to a musical video by the Daz Band featuring their lead singer Darren Nesbit. Apart from his work with the band he has been publishing ‘The Light’ newspaper every month since September 2020. The paper covers all manner of topics and makes for a very refreshing ‘woke-free’ read. Each edition can be downloaded via the web site and printed copies can also be ordered, for the very reasonable price of 10 for £10, should anyone wish to have some handy for distribution amongst family, friends and colleagues. All information regarding printed copies is also up on the site. If you own a small business you can advertise it in the paper, just fill in the form on the site for further details.


Here’s the link to the site:




Finally, a few links to some of the legal actions which are currently taking place:



This is a letter, sent on 17th December 2021, to the Chair of the Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority, informing them that the Authority have until 24th December 2021 to confirm, together with other requirements, that the Authority will suspend all SARS-CoV-2 injections immediately and will also make a public announcement to that effect. Failure to do so will result in an appeal to the High Court for an injunction ordering them to do so.


In addition to the above action PJH Law have also issued the following statement:


UK Lawyer Hannah Rose, together with Dr Mike Yeadon and other applicants, is pursuing charges of Crimes against Humanity in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The full list of those charged and the charges against them can be found here:


Michael O’Bernicia is so determined to see justice done that this is his third attempt at legal action. His previous attempts have been impeded by what can only be described as various acts of skulduggery and/or questionable judicial decisions. The website is not as easy to negotiate as it could be but this link will go straight to his latest attempt (n.b. – pub is his acronym for People’s Union of Britain):


There are many other legal actions taking place both here and in other countries around the world, especially in the USA. Let’s hope that there are still enough independent judges, who are free of political bias or not financially compromised, left in this world so that all the legal actions being brought will be judged fairly and without prejudice.