The rebellion that wasn’t and the rebellion that could be. ** Update 29th March**

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Saturday 27th March 2021

Changeable weather for the last few days with strong and very cold winds so no walk reports to upload.

Consequently with time to spare the opportunity arises to ponder on things and draw some conclusions from the events unfolding around us. 

On Thursday 25th March 2021 76 House of Commons MPs out of 560 voted against Hancock’s Emergency Powers Extension Bill.

Hardly an almighty act of outright rebellion but better than nothing perhaps.

Bravo and a Mention in Despatches to the 76 who ‘went over the top’ with bayonets at the ready, and a special mention for two MPs for each asking very pertinent questions about ‘vaccine’ deaths which took Hancock completely by surprise and left him floundering and looking distinctly uncomfortable. Lots of clips of this exchange are all over the Twittersphere and should be easy to find if you haven’t already seen them.

William Wragg’s question came first – “My right hon. Friend mentions data on occurrences within the NHS. Does the NHS have data to suggest how many people have, sadly, died from covid in NHS hospitals three weeks after receiving their first dose of a covid vaccine?”

As Hancock started to reply he had to give way again as

Sir Christopher Chope’s question followed on immediately after – “My right hon. Friend answered a question from me on this very subject by saying that the data was not available. I cannot understand why crucial data—such as the number of people who have been vaccinated for more than three weeks, who are then admitted to hospital and subsequently die is not collected. Why is that?”

Questions such as these are not being widely asked and they should be.  

On the other hand its White Feathers all round for the 87% who cravenly cowered down in the trenches and who blithely voted for those powers to be extended until the end of September.

An extension of powers for an ’emergency’ which consists of 42 deaths per one hundred thousand people, only a few of which were caused by a virus (in all probability caused by Influenzas A & B deliberately misattributed as Covid-19 but nobody checked so we’ll never really know), that is killing hardly any additional over 85’s, and almost nobody at all under 45, and 87% of MPs still think we’re in an ’emergency’?

All the official figures, whether they be from ONS, NHS, PHE or yougov indicate that no such ’emergency’ exists (and never has done either, but more of that later on).

So, are the 87% intellectually incapable of reading and understanding what graphs, tables and charts are showing them, or do they prefer to be led by the nose by deliberately not checking for themselves and leaving it in the not so capable, and often duplicitous, hands of others who are only too happy to do the leading. Whichever way it is they are unfit to be our elected representatives.

The failure of the politicians in the age of Covid is twofold. They have failed to represent those they apparently serve, whose reality is foreign to them, and they have failed to think critically with the degree of rigour, humility, and imagination that is required. 

They seek easy media wins through ‘sound bites’ and citing ‘experts’, they double-down on simple and specious narratives, and attack their opponents as individuals rather than engaging with their arguments, and don’t they just love being in the media spotlight as they spout it all out?

Their myopic perspective results in a political class which is either blind to the economic and societal costs of lockdown, or cares little for them.

They are, with a very few notable exceptions, a herd of pea-brained compliant dullards, and herds, by definition, do not lead. Each of these particular herds follows its own party line without realising, it seems, that no matter what the party line is, it and they, are so far out of sync with the views of the general population that they appear to exist in an alternative reality to the one which most of us inhabit.

For the last twelve months the majority of MPs from all parties have remained in their constituencies doing little more than taking part in an occasional remote televisual discussion whilst continuing to receive a full salary of £81,932 plus expenses and allowances, it is hardly surprising then that they are in no hurry to call a halt to the restrictions. At the very least they should have been on half pay and even that would have been too generous given how little work they have been doing. A large majority of them have given their respective Chief Whips their proxy vote thus avoiding travelling to London to vote in person.

Look up your MP on and have a look at their voting record and written and spoken contributions to give you some idea of what they’ve been doing all this time. If you don’t know your MP’s name entering your post code will do the finding for you.

They all need to be jolted out of their complacent torpor and the chance to do exactly that will soon be with us.

The local council elections are due to be held on 6th May 2021 so this is an opportunity to let those in power know how we feel about their selfish and spineless conduct during the last twelve months, which has left us all without meaningful representation and at the mercy of an authoritarian cabal of ministers, along with their questionable ‘experts’, who favour the enforcement of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom and responsibility. A cabal which has entirely reversed the democratic process, namely that historically we are governed only by consent.

Traditionally local elections have a low turnout since many voters often regard them as less important than a general election. However, they are a useful indicator to any government of the day as to the direction in which public sentiment is leaning and the results are examined closely by all the established parties, because the only thing which really matters to politicians is power and the potential loss of it.

Local council candidates representing the established parties will be seeking your vote.

Do not give it to them.

Give it instead to those who have ‘Independent’ next to their name, or give it to one of the newly created parties: The Reform Party, The Reclaim Party, The Heritage Party, or any of the other newly formed groupings.

A vote for any of them sends a very clear message.

What’s the point some might ask? They’re all the same and nothing changes, whoever is voted in. The point is that voting for non mainstream parties shows that we are prepared to consider alternatives, and that’s a worry for any government. Remember the pressure Cameron was under to agree to a referendum as the Brexit Party gained a groundswell of supporters? He had no choice but to finally yield to that pressure.

Let the government see that we are not wedded to the two party system, that we don’t have to vote for one or the other, that we can give our vote to candidates who seek to represent us, not just themselves and their cronies. They need reminding that it is our country just as much as it is theirs.

Your vote counts so if you have strong views and opinions about the events of the past twelve months let them know, loudly and clearly. 

You never know, by doing so you might just vote in a few more able and effective local councillors than you have at present. A few independent thinkers on many a local council would be a huge improvement in my opinion.

Finally, just in case you’re wondering, the government cabal has no intention of ending the lockdown any time soon.

Think about a few things for a moment or two.

Why is such a fuss being made about these ‘vaccines’ when nobody has given a tinker’s cuss about whether or not anyone had the ‘flu vaccine in previous years?

‘Vaccine passports’ were never mentioned then so why now all of a sudden?

Why does anyone need these ‘vaccines’ when they neither prevent infection or transmission after being injected?

Why does anyone need these ‘vaccines’ when inexpensive, effective and established treatments are now available?


Because the hastily produced and barely trialled mRNA gene therapy treatment, erroneously known as a ‘vaccine’, has only been ‘approved’ by the MHRA for ’emergency’ use. They do not have full authorisation. Ending lockdown signals the end of ’emergency’ and therefore the ‘vaccine’ would no longer have approval and could not be administered. If it cannot be given then health certificates/passports, call them what you will, are rendered ineffective and therefore useless.

Without this introductory measure the whole edifice of the planned mass surveillance structure, which has been the end point of the entire Covid-19 fraud, cannot be implemented.

It is not, and never has been, about a virus. Everything that has happened in the past twelve months has been cynically exploited to push everyone towards the ultimate objective.

The ‘virus’ was the pretext.

The non-stop psychological fear propaganda and ‘vaccines’ were the method.

Health information and passports, digital records of all your activities created via your Smart phone use and any other Smart gadgets you have, mass surveillance and control of citizens are the objectives.

Complete control of citizens by the State is the anticipated, and desired, end result.

There are a few in Parliament who are beginning to recognise what is happening –

“The danger is that Government start to believe that these fundamental civil liberties belong to Ministers to grant to us or withhold. They do not—they belong, as of right, to British citizens. This habit of coercion and control has gone too far, and it has gone on for too long. It is time for this House to trust the British people and return their rights to them.”

Sir Graham Brady MP, House of Commons, 25th March 2021.

In conclusion …..

The latest MHRA Yellow Card Adverse Reactions Analyses were released yesterday, they reveal that 594 people have died shortly after being injected. I know personally of one death after the injection which should be added to that total, but the family is too devastated to do anything other than simply get through each day as it comes. It is my belief that they do not want to think the unthinkable. One of my family members knows of the deaths of two more which also have not been reported on the Yellow Card scheme. There are thousands of reports of serious adverse events including 53 people who could see when they took this injection who are now reported as being permanently blind. There are just too many ‘red flags’ now and in the past just one death would have been enough to have the mass injection programme stopped and the treatment withdrawn. But that is not happening and perhaps we should be told why, although I think I already know. Just out of interest you might like to check out the thoughts and writings of the father of our Prime Minister and the background of the father of that super rich bloke who couldn’t even prevent viruses getting into his Windows operating system. To both of their names add  ‘+ eugenics’ when you do your search.


More on these ‘vaccines’ can be found here –

The Home page of UK Column has much more information, one particular item of interest is a thirty minute recording of a telephone conversation between one of the presenters and the wife of a man who has suffered a very serious adverse reaction. Look for ‘The Harsh Reaction of Vaccine Adverse Effects’ on the right hand side of the page.


Article from on 29th March 2021

The NHS Vaccine App is a Gift to Scammers, Blackmailers and Fraudsters
By Toby Young 

There follows a guest post by our in-house technology correspondent. He wrote a series of pieces for Lockdown Sceptics about the NHS Covid-tracking app last year and now he returns to the fray to cover the NHS vaccine app –

‘All that is missing from the dystopian movie that our lives have become is a Bond-style henchman, created through diabolical processes by the wicked super villain. Speaking of which, Michael Gove has a cunning plan to fill that gap. The runt of the NHS app litter, whose creators couldn’t even be bothered to give it a name beyond “The NHS App” has been selected for a set of maniacal modifications transforming it from a lacklustre dictionary of medical conditions into a cyber-bully fit to harass and torment a nation. As we shall see, this once unloved and overlooked app is set to become the accomplice and collaborator of scammers, blackmailers and fraudsters.

According to the Daily Mail ( ) Gove envisages a world where you can’t just go somewhere freely: you have to be permitted by a state-operated app that displays your medical records to unwitting restaurant owners, bar staff, and presumably anyone with an authoritarian streak who sees themselves as an agent of our new bio-security state. It is morally and ethically bankrupt, but technically, could it work? What we know about its implementation is sketchy, but we can contemplate what would be involved.

To prove you have had a jab you must show the relevant entry on your medical record, which is held by your GP, assuming you are registered with one and you didn’t opt out of summary care records in the past. If you are a tourist or business traveller from abroad that rules you out. No Diet Coke for you. Those records are the most personal, private data possible and there is rightly a lot of security around who can access them. Indeed, this information is considered so private that in 2004 the NHS instructed BT to build an entirely separate national network just to handle it! Now for the app to work, any random member of the public needs access to that private data, by connecting to the correct medical record at the correct GP surgery. Get that wrong and you are exposing medical records on a massive scale.

The NHS was already working on a system to do this, called NHS Login. It has various levels of “proofing”, and access to medical records requires the highest, known as level nine. Proof level nine is simple: enter your email address and create a new password, accept the terms and conditions and wait for the validation email, return to the app and enter your full name, date of birth and the postcode that you gave your GP, accept the two check boxes for the terms and conditions, get your passport, UK drivers’ licence or EU ID card, and use your phone to take a photo of it and answer some questions about it then allow the app to take a picture of your face unless flashing lights and colours make you feel unwell in which case you can record a video of yourself reading out some numbers instead, submit and wait up to two hours for email saying that your picture is ok. Got that?

That’s your NHS Login account set-up, now to find your GP surgery. Let’s hope they have one of the seven recognised systems in which case you get an email from your GP confirming the connection. Or it might be from a scammer, it’s hard to tell. This is a big problem. The onboarding process puts you in a frame of mind where you are clicking anything, getting emails, taking photos of identity documents and you just want to get to the end of the process so you can go to the pub. If you get lost or distracted or have a question or just want to ask someone about it all, then the opportunities for scammers to insert themselves into the process are endless. At which point they have your most fundamental identity documents and access to your medical records to boot. Blackmail, extortion and fraud are sure to follow.

If they get this wrong, they will truly have created a monster for our technocratic age. An enabler of identity theft and medical data leakage on a national scale, exposing every embarrassing medical episode and blackmailable exploit imaginable. Scammers, crooks, and menaces around the world must be licking their lips.

Beyond the set-up process, how does Gove’s fever-dream play out? If you have a jab the app will not know until it makes its way onto your summary care record at your GP. How long will that take? What is your status in the meantime? What if it never appears? Who you do call to fix it, your GP? If it is on your record when does the app consider immunity to be effective, how many weeks after the jab? Is it the same for all vaccines? Does it consider you immune after just one jab or will you be forced to wait for a second jab? And how long does it consider immunity to last? Your app could be showing green for months, then just as you are going to your daughter’s wedding, oops red, the app thinks you need a booster shot. No wedding for you. And you can go to the wedding if you can show you’ve tested negative, who puts those tests on your medical record? Lateral flow tests are easy to do at home, but it would be too easy to fake a positive if you could write your own record. So, it will have to be carried out by an official at their convenience not yours, and the result will have to make its way onto your GP-held record. How long will that take? It had better be quick because the result is only valid for two days.

The doughty few that make it through the set-up process will be rewarded by an app that puts them at the whim of NHS data entry clerks and ever-changing rules from public health panjandrums. They will live in a constant state of anxiety, fearful that it will turn from showing green to red and all their plans will be on hold for an arbitrary time with no reliable way to fix it.

I can only appeal to any developer building this app to realise what they are doing and make a stand. Refuse to work on it. Consider it as bad as any spyware, ransomware, virus, or weapon system. It is going to make a lot of people’s lives miserable and that is not why you went into software.’


None of the above was in the public domain when this page was uploaded on Saturday but this is confirmation of what is going on behind the scenes. What kind of world will our children and grandchildren be living in if we don’t put a stop to all of this immediately? Is it the kind of world you want for them?  The British public should be up in arms about this gross invasion of privacy instead of supinely wearing useless face coverings and avoiding each other. In the Netherlands military veterans have been out protecting civilians when they gather to protest, making the police slink away and leave everyone alone. Where are our military veterans, they all have ex-service associations, why are they not organising something similar? Where are the men of courage in this country and why aren’t they doing something about this? Have they all become so emasculated that they are unable to stand up for themselves and their families. Some have, but not nearly enough, and all of what is being planned would be a huge price to pay just to get a couple of pints down the pub and maybe the chance to watch a football match now and again.

For all our sakes I hope that many, many will organise themselves and rise up against this evil and morally bankrupt government cabal because none of this will end until they are rooted out and held to account for all that they have done to this country and its citizens. I cannot adequately describe the depth of my anger, but here’s just one reason for it.  My father was too old to be called up but nevertheless volunteered for military service. He was blown to smithereens when a V1 landed directly on his base. I never knew him. He was a photograph which my mother kissed every night before she went to bed. He and thousands of others gave their lives for this country’s freedom, a freedom that we have all enjoyed ever since, and the thought that all of that sacrifice, and that of their families who were simply left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives, being cast aside and that hard won freedom taken away so cynically and so callously absolutely makes my blood boil.

I can’t help but wonder why the hell they bothered.